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eXTRA Chances - $1: $25 Cash Card (3 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $10: $100 Cash Card (6 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $2: $25 Cash Card (1 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $3: $50 Cash Card (5 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $5: $75 Cash Card (5 remaining)

Paul E, Virginia Beach 7:53 PM

Teresa H, Castleton 7:53 PM

Harrison G, Charlottesville 7:52 PM

Malcolm U, Midlothian 7:48 PM

Tara H, Roanoke 7:48 PM

Michael W, North Chesterfield 7:33 PM

Jacqueline B, Fredericksburg 7:32 PM

George S, Collinsville 7:12 PM

Terry S, Salem 7:11 PM

Reuben G, Boykins 7:09 PM

William S, Woodbridge 7:05 PM

Juan M, Woodbridge 7:01 PM

Virginia G, Hurt 7:00 PM

Robert N, Hampton 6:37 PM

Danny D, Alton 6:27 PM

Dean W, Keysville 6:17 PM

Kathy S, Staunton 6:15 PM

Dana B, Gloucester 6:14 PM

Gary W, Fawn Grove 6:09 PM

Paul K, North Chesterfield 6:02 PM

Jennifer H, Grottoes 5:53 PM

Luke T, Norfolk 5:40 PM

Linda J, Norfolk 5:36 PM

Duane F, Virginia Beach 5:27 PM

Gary G, Check 5:21 PM

Tiana N, Chesapeake 4:47 PM

Cathy B, Midlothian 4:35 PM

Anna C, Goodview 4:09 PM

Young J, Centreville 4:05 PM

Donna S, Annandale 3:56 PM

Mark K, Roanoke 3:50 PM

Barbara S, Cardinal 3:49 PM

Danielle D, Lynchburg 3:44 PM

Maximiliano P, Woodbridge 3:17 PM

Doris H, Virginia Beach 3:16 PM

Robert D, Rhoadesville 3:14 PM

Michael X, Manassas Park 2:42 PM

Linda T, Mineral 2:41 PM

Elizabeth P, Newport News 2:37 PM

Roxann P, Damascus 2:12 PM

Chuck F, Chesapeake 2:05 PM

Thomas E, Virginia Beach 2:04 PM

Bettina R, Louisa 1:51 PM

Sandra C, Lynchburg 1:31 PM

Katherine B, Norfolk 1:29 PM

Jennifer M, Bluefield 1:20 PM

John F, Christiansburg 1:13 PM

Michele A, Glen Allen 12:39 PM

Richard F, Blountville 12:24 PM

Lucretia B, Woodbridge 12:15 PM

Melisa R, Dumfries 12:07 PM

Abdul A, North Chesterfield 11:53 AM

Vickie L, Brandywine 11:52 AM

Steven R, Saltville 11:44 AM

Teresa A, Roanoke 11:34 AM

Veronica W, Richmond 11:33 AM

Katie L, Chesapeake 11:28 AM

Darnell P, Norfolk 11:24 AM

Horace G, Newport 11:19 AM

Latema T, Chester 11:16 AM

Franklin R, Lynchburg 11:14 AM

Harry L, Arlington 11:12 AM

Justin D, Front Royal 10:59 AM

Nancy M, Franklin 10:51 AM

Cheryl D, Stafford 10:36 AM

Everett G, Powhatan 10:34 AM

Randall T, Suffolk 10:11 AM

Edward M, Lynchburg 9:59 AM

Curtis S, Richmond 9:56 AM

April C, Summit Point 9:36 AM

William H, Newport News 9:25 AM

Katherine V, Ridgeway 9:15 AM

Robert F, Poquoson 9:13 AM

Rafael M, Hampton 9:07 AM

Sara J, Sugar Grove 9:06 AM

Donald S, Chesapeake 8:58 AM

Delores N, Milford 8:53 AM

Lewis R, Richmond 8:52 AM

Kim A, Virginia Beach 8:27 AM

Rebecca P, Orange 8:06 AM

Charles A, Norfolk 8:03 AM

Nora F, Roanoke 8:03 AM

Sylvia L, Highland Springs 7:57 AM

Brenda P W, Newport News 7:26 AM

Rhonda P, Christiansburg 7:17 AM

William W, Colonial Heights 7:12 AM

Barbara C, Austinville 7:01 AM

Darrell F, Dryden 6:55 AM

Mark M, Palmyra 6:50 AM

James N, Chantilly 6:38 AM

Gloria B, Esmont 6:33 AM

Alberta F, Richmond 6:23 AM

Robert N, Collinsville 6:06 AM

Edward S, Fredericksburg 6:02 AM

Brian S, Front Royal 6:02 AM

Karen S, Weyers Cave 6:01 AM

Riley B, Troutville 5:47 AM

Banoro G, Norfolk 5:28 AM

Mariana J, Suffolk 5:18 AM

Michael D, Lorton 5:05 AM

Heather B, Virginia Beach 4:47 AM

Steve H, Hillsville 4:45 AM

Arthur C, Chester 4:40 AM

Ronnie B, Cumberland 4:28 AM

Adam S, Richmond 3:23 AM

Betty Anne M, Newbern 3:16 AM

Benita D, Richmond 3:14 AM

Andy C, Somerset 2:39 AM

Reynaldo R, Stafford 2:30 AM

Christopher B, Aylett 2:29 AM

James C, Crockett 2:27 AM

Ann Marie C, Richmond 2:27 AM

Carolyn G, Powhatan 2:25 AM

Howard W, Halifax 2:00 AM

Michelle O, Crockett 1:55 AM

Ali A, Roanoke 1:51 AM

Russell A, Charles City 1:51 AM

Arthur M, Chesapeake 1:49 AM

Keith H, Richmond 1:45 AM

John G, Henrico 1:37 AM

Gracie R, Culpeper 1:36 AM

David A, Troutville 1:30 AM

Brenda B, Hillsville 12:54 AM

Antionette H, Staunton 12:43 AM

Nicole M, Virginia Beach 12:41 AM

Khem G, Manassas 12:25 AM

Kuruthumu M, Blacksburg 12:23 AM

Holly J, Duffield 12:22 AM

Carolyn M, Harrisonburg 12:03 AM

Carlos G, Washington 12:03 AM

Daily Instant Winners: 130

We heard you loud and clear! Based on feedback we’ve received, we decided to make a change to the eXTRA Chances instant-wins. Beginning 6/28/16, individuals will be allowed to win a maximum of one instant-win prize per day. Right now, entrants can win up to five each day (one per price point of eligible Scratcher: $1, $2, $3, $5, and $10). We hope this change will help improve our instant-win feature and make it fairer for all participants.

Note: When this change takes effect, it will not affect current entry limits – entrants will still be able to submit up to 25 Scratchers per price point daily.

Welcome to eXTRA Chances, the latest way to win more from the Virginia Lottery! eXTRA Chances is a new way to enter your non-winning Scratchers with the eXTRA Chances logo online and get something eXTRA in the process!

Enter your non-winning Scratchers that feature the eXTRA Chances logo on valottery.com and you’ll get:

• Entry into the eXTRA Chances quarterly grand prize drawing for $500,000!
• Chances to win great prizes – instantly online! **
• To toss out your Scratchers after you enter- no need to keep your ticket!

Entry deadlines for instant-win and quarterly drawing prizes may vary. Mail-in entries are only eligible for the quarterly grand prize drawing. Check eXTRA Chances for the latest information.

**Your non-winning ticket is eligible for the instant-win prizes available on the day you submit your entry; it does not carry over for subsequent days' prizes. Instant wins are random and immediate, and vary based on the number of eXTRA Chances prizes available for that day.

Check below to see which Scratchers with eXTRA Chances we’re featuring right now!

Casino Thrills
Casino Thrills #1623
Top Prize: $150,000
Top Prize: $65,000
Top Prize: $20,000
2016 #1621
Top Prize: $2,016
Top Prize: $500,000
LUCKY $50'S #1630
Top Prize: $3,000
Top Prize: $50,000
Neon 9s
NEON 9s #1625
Top Prize: $30,000
Top Prize: $1,000,000
Top Prize: $150,000
Top Prize: $65,000
Top Prize: $2,000
10X THE MONEY #1635
Top Prize: $100,000
7X THE MONEY #1640
Top Prize: $70,000
5X THE MONEY #1655
Top Prize: $20,000
2X THE MONEY #1654
Top Prize: $4,000
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