Classic 7s Bingo

Odds of winning top prize: 1 in 240,000

Classic 7s Bingo

Classic 7s Bingo

The luckiest number has made it to this new Bingo game. Just match the CALLER’s NUMBERS to YOUR CARD’s numbers to see if you won, and get ready to shout “Classic 7s Bingo!” Check out all the 7s Bingo games to continue the fun and perhaps increase your winnings.

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Ways To Win

Outer Frame
1 in 240,000
1 in 24,000
"Z" Pattern
1 in 2,400
"X" Pattern
1 in 428.57
Diamond Pattern
1 in 200
Inner Frame
1 in 160
4 Corners
1 in 48
3 Lines
1 in 30
2 Lines
1 in 17.4
1 Line
1 in 10

Overall Chances of Winning any Prize: 1 in 4.41

Legal Stuff

Need more info? See our official Classic 7s Bingo rules.