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Money Bag Crossword has all the things you love about a great crossword puzzle, but with the added excitement of a $10,000 top prize! And, Money Bag Crossword couldn’t be easier to play - just mark the letters on the crossword puzzle that match any of YOUR CALL LETTERS. You’ll win a prize if 4 or more horizontal or vertical words are completely matched - partial words do not win.

imply ask your Lottery retailer for a $2 Print ‘n Play Moneybag Crossword ticket or press the Print ‘n Play Games button on the Lottery Vending Machine – no playslip to fill out, no numbers to choose, and no need to wait for a draw.

Print ‘n Play –all of your favorite games, instant wins!

Would you like to see a sample ticket of Moneybag Crossword?

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Complete 10 Words $10,000 1 in 240,000
Complete 9 Words $100 1 in 1,200
Complete 8 Words $50 1 in 400
Complete 7 Words $20 1 in 80
Complete 6 Words $10 1 in 37.8
Complete 5 Words $5 1 in 16
Complete 4 Words $2 1 in 8.89
Overall chances of winning any prize: 1 in 4.60


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Need more info? Check out our official rules for Moneybag Crossword!

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