BIG BILLS     #1703
Top Prize: 1 in 832,320     Any Prize: 1 in 4.23
Odds of winning are established when a game is printed. Number of winning tickets remaining will change as players win prizes. This page is updated daily. For more information on odds, click here.
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$250,000 CASH
$250,000 CASH #1829
Top Prize: $250,000
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Want a chance to win some Big Bills? Our latest game has them aplenty.

$100s: How does over 2,500* in total prizes sound?
$50’s: Got'em to the tune of over 42,000*.
PLUS 5 Top PRIZES of $150,000 and more than $13 million in total cash prizes*, this game pays out some serious green.

*$13 million total cash prizes; 2,500 $100 prizes and 42,000 $50 prizes; are all based on the entire game.
Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the BIG BILL NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that number. Reveal a STACK OF BILLS and win the PRIZE shown! Reveal a $$ and win DOUBLE the PRIZE shown for that symbol!