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virginia lottery - age verification process
Registered Lottery players can enter for chances to win cool prizes, such as free tickets, merchandise and cash. To register, complete the form below. Once complete, you may download a coupon for a free lottery ticket!
  • I have entered Virginia Lottery contests before. Why do I need to verify my age in your system again?
    Because the Virginia Lottery sells an age-restricted product, it is our responsibility to ensure that contest participants are at least 18 years old. This new program will verify the age of each person who wants to enter Internet-based promotions and programs.
  • How are you verifying my age?
    The Virginia Lottery uses IDology, an identity authentication service, to verify the age of website registrants. Based on the information you provide during registration, this service verifies your age. Once approved, you can participate in Lottery promotions and programs. This verification process occurs as you register. If IDology cannot verify your age, you will be asked to enter additional information to help verify age.
  • Will you have to verify my age each time I register for something?
    No. Once your age has been verified, you can participate in Virginia Lottery promotions and programs.
  • Why do I have to provide the last four digits of my social security number?
    To ensure that your personal data is not being used by other individuals, we require you to enter the last four digits of your social security number. Please note: This information is used just once for verification; it is kept confidential and it is not stored in any electronic database.
  • What are the reasons my age would not be verified?
    - Incomplete registration information
    - P.O. Box or business address, instead of physical home address
    - Nickname or middle name, instead of full legal name
    - Incomplete existing public records
  • Before, I could use more than one email address. Why has this changed?
    The Lottery is transitioning to a single-source ID. This means that only one e-mail address can be established per registered player.* Since you need only one email address for Lottery play, you don’t have to keep track of what email address you use for different promotions. If you try to register more than one email address, the first email address you use after October 18, 2011 becomes your primary Lottery email address. Even if you have more than one email address, we suggest using your primary email address for the Virginia Lottery.

    This will help to ensure that all players have an equal chance to participate in Lottery promotions. It will also increase the likelihood that you will receive email from the Lottery. 

    *This does not apply to those who have registered to receive text message alerts or winning numbers emails.
  • Why do I have to submit a verification form? I claimed a prize in one of your offices and the person verified my age then. Shouldn’t that be sufficient?
    For security reasons, the Lottery claims and payment system is kept separate from the website and cannot communicate with the website.
  • Why do I have to submit a verification form again? I just completed one for a second-chance prize I won. Why can’t you use that?
    Verification forms submitted before October 18, 2011, were not part of the Lottery’s new age verification system. Once you complete registration, you will not need to submit verification forms for second-chance prizes, unless you win a prize worth more than $600. If that occurs, you will need to complete additional paperwork.
  • Why do I have to submit a verification form now? You never required one before.
    A small portion of Lottery players may not be verified through the automated online verification system. The verification form gives these players a manual way to complete the process. This is a one-time request: Complete the verification form, have it witnessed by a notary and send it to the Lottery. Or you can bring your completed form to one of the Lottery’s locations, along with a photo ID. There, a Lottery employee will help you complete the process. After that, you can enter the Lottery’s promotions.
  • Will you sell my personal information for external marketing purposes?
  • If you are unable to verify my age, and I choose not to complete this verification form, does that mean I cannot play the Lottery and claim a prize? Will I still be able to enter second-chance drawings? 
    Players whose age we cannot verify and who choose not to submit a verification form won’t be able to participate in promotions (including second-chance drawings) that the Virginia Lottery begins on the Internet, on the mobile website, or on Facebook, on or after October 18, 2011.  You can still buy tickets and cash tickets without going through this process.
  • Will the Lottery pay for me to use a notary?
  • Where in the Lottery rules can I find this age verification requirement?
    All promotions that begin on or after October 18, 2011 contain this requirement in official promotion rules. The rules are available for inspection and copying during normal business hours at the Virginia Lottery headquarters, 600 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia, and at any Virginia Lottery office. A copy may be requested by mail by writing to: Director’s Department, Virginia Lottery, 600 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.
  • Are Lottery retailers requiring these verification forms?  Why not?
    No, the Lottery is implementing this age verification process for Internet-based promotions only. Virginia law requires that Lottery retailers sell Lottery products only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Lottery retailers will continue to verify age for any in-store purchases, following their stores’ and the Lottery’s policies and procedures.
  • I am a member of the armed forces and am stationed away from home. How can I meet these requirements?
    You can mail your verification form, but you must still have the form notarized. Please mail your form to:

    Virginia Lottery Age Verification Program
    Longwood Village Shopping Center
    1506 S. Main Street
    Farmville, Virginia 23901

    We suggest you use certified or registered mail.
  • Once I am verified, does that mean I no longer have to show identification to claim a prize?

    No. You will still have to present identification each time you claim a prize. This is part of the Virginia Lottery Law and is separate from the online age verification.
  • What forms of ID are acceptable?
    Please bring one of the following types of IDs with you when you visit a notary public or Virginia Lottery customer service center.
    - Driver’s license
    - ID card issued by the federal or local government that includes a photo, address & birth date
    - U.S. passport
    - Military ID
  • What do you do with the information you’re collecting from me on the Internet?
    Please see our privacy policy for more information.
  • Can I email my verification form?
    No. You must either mail your completed, notarized form to the address below or visit one of the Lottery’s locations in person. 

    Virginia Lottery Age Verification Program
    Longwood Village Shopping Center
    1506 S. Main Street
    Farmville, Virginia 23901
  • What if I cannot print the verification form?
    If you are unable to print the verification form, please remember to write down your six-digit verification number and bring that and a photo ID to one of our office locations. If you are unable to come in person, please contact us, and we will be happy to mail you a blank form.
  • How long will it take?
    If you visit a customer service center location in person, you will be able to complete your registration that same day. If you mail your verification form, it will be processed within one week of receipt. Once you have been approved in our system, you will receive an automatic e-mail with a link that will allow you to complete the registration process.


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