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All That Glitters: $50 Cash Card (1 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $1: $25 Cash Card (1 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $10: $100 Cash Card (3 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $2: $25 Cash Card (0 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $3: $50 Cash Card (0 remaining)

eXTRA Chances - $5: $75 Cash Card (2 remaining)

Karen M, Franklin 10:24 PM

Linda G, Vansant 10:21 PM

Melvin G, Richm,ond 9:54 PM

Rita Y, Gloucester 9:54 PM

Melissa F, Virginia Beach 8:46 PM

Serina J, Lynchburg 8:24 PM

Timothy B, Roanoke 8:22 PM

Charles M, Rice 8:21 PM

Alex E, Manassas Park 8:17 PM

Bernadette B, Newport News 8:17 PM

Alicia W, Williamsburg 8:03 PM

Laverne H, Louisa 7:57 PM

Amber R, Rustburg 7:54 PM

Vicki F, Sterling 7:39 PM

Charles M, Floyd 7:22 PM

Stephanie S, Hopewell 7:21 PM

Junior E, Richmond 7:03 PM

David G, Colonial Heights 6:57 PM

Noble M, Hopewell 6:41 PM

Kimberley W, Amelia 6:21 PM

Tonya W, Hampton 6:19 PM

Michael M, Radford 6:19 PM

Milton T, Richmond 5:48 PM

Nora F, Roanoke 5:46 PM

Emily R, Norfolk 5:19 PM

Cindy P, Bedford 4:45 PM

Tonya B, Staunton 4:38 PM

Nathan B, Richmond 4:31 PM

Christine S, Portsmouth 4:20 PM

Dinh N, Manassas 4:10 PM

Janet M, Reston 4:08 PM

Edna S R, Midlothian 4:07 PM

Jonathan P, Fairfax 3:08 PM

Edward M, Lynchburg 3:06 PM

Gil A, Virginia Beach 3:02 PM

Jacquelyn J, Chesapeake 2:57 PM

Wanda N, Abingdon 2:44 PM

Susan J, Bowling Green 2:40 PM

Mark N, Alexandria 2:34 PM

Elvira A, Norfolk 2:30 PM

Terry S, Gloucester 2:27 PM

Leroy E, Richmond 1:22 PM

Richetta A. H, Bassett 1:22 PM

Flenory P, Danville 1:18 PM

Amber W, Charlotte 1:06 PM

Lisa M, Marion 1:01 PM

Delbert B, Franklin 1:00 PM

Brian P, Spotsylvania 12:59 PM

Sean H, Chesterfield 12:54 PM

Geraldine H, North Chesterfield 12:46 PM

Amanda O, Springfield 12:30 PM

Josephine P, Virginia Beach 12:03 PM

Patti V, Annandale 11:57 AM

Brenda S, West Point 11:51 AM

Lynsey P, Norfolk 11:39 AM

Cindy M, Charles City 11:36 AM

Bonnie H, Richmond 11:08 AM

James N, Chantilly 11:07 AM

Clint W, Stafford 10:37 AM

Douglas M, Virginia Beach 10:34 AM

James R, Arlington 10:18 AM

Paul D, Alexandria 9:48 AM

Wanda W, North Chesterfield 9:30 AM

Felicia V, Richmond 9:11 AM

Robert S, Virginia Beach 8:56 AM

Michelle K, Roanoke 8:37 AM

Antoine J, Arlington 8:04 AM

William H, Glen Allen 7:32 AM

Rita S, Hampton 7:13 AM

Rudolph M, Staunton 7:03 AM

William D, Bassett 6:45 AM

Vessie T, Norfolk 6:42 AM

Steven G, Coeburn 6:29 AM

Brian P, Blackstone 6:20 AM

Steven G, Coeburn 6:06 AM

John T, Port Haywood 6:03 AM

Al H, Richmond 5:57 AM

Betty M, Newport News 5:50 AM

Troy P, Victoria 5:48 AM

Alethea B, Woodbridge 5:46 AM

John D, Lanexa 5:34 AM

Eugene C, Midlothian 5:29 AM

Quiana P, Rocky Mount 5:20 AM

Eugene C, Midlothian 5:16 AM

Elizabeth S, Damascus 4:49 AM

John H, Hillsville 3:37 AM

Dennis M, Warrenton 3:20 AM

Lacy L, Pelham 3:11 AM

Beverly R T, Virginia Beach 2:54 AM

Allen P, Ashburn 2:50 AM

Nelly F, Dumfries 2:49 AM

Heather K, The Plains 2:29 AM

Dina D, Front Royal 2:27 AM

Veronica G, Carson 2:25 AM

Rosa R, Bent Mountain 1:59 AM

Phillip G, Virginia Beach 1:51 AM

Elizabeth B, Urbanna 1:20 AM

Ronnie C, Petersburg 1:11 AM

Charles M, Rice 1:09 AM

Bobby G, Powhatan 1:06 AM

Linda L, Portsmouth 12:42 AM

Daily Instant Winners: 101
eXTRA Chances

Want to get more from your non-winning Virginia Lottery Scratcher? Then eXTRA and eXTRA Chances are perfect for you! For your chance to win with a non-winning Scratcher, just enter the promotion number from the back of your Scratcher along with the eXTRA or eXTRA Chances code on the front of your ticket.

Not quite sure which is which? Then take a look at the Scratchers and promotions below, select the Scratcher that you’d like to enter, and we’ll help get you to the right place to enter your non-winning Scratcher for another chance at great prizes from the Virginia Lottery!

eXTRA Chances

Welcome to eXTRA Chances, the latest way to win more from the Virginia Lottery! eXTRA Chances is a new way to enter your non-winning Scratchers with the eXTRA Chances logo online and get something eXTRA in the process!

Enter your non-winning Scratchers that feature the eXTRA Chances logo on valottery.com and you’ll get:

• Entry into the eXTRA Chances quarterly grand prize drawing for $500,000!
• Chances to win great prizes – instantly online! **
• To toss out your Scratchers after you enter- no need to keep your ticket!

Entry deadlines for instant-win and quarterly drawing prizes may vary. Mail-in entries are only eligible for the quarterly grand prize drawing. Check eXTRA Chances for the latest information.

**Your non-winning ticket is eligible for the instant-win prizes available on the day you submit your entry; it does not carry over for subsequent days' prizes. Instant wins are random and immediate, and vary based on the number of eXTRA Chances prizes available for that day.

Check below to see which Scratchers with eXTRA Chances we’re featuring right now!

Casino Thrills
Casino Thrills #1623
Top Prize: $150,000
Top Prize: $65,000
Top Prize: $20,000
2016 #1621
Top Prize: $2,016


eXTRA is a great way to enter non-winning Scratchers online and get something extra in the process!

Enter non-winning Scratchers that feature the eXTRA logo on valottery.com and enjoy:

• Chances to win great prizes – instantly online! **
• Entry into internet only prize drawings
• Entry into a promotion’s final drawing
• Tossing out Scratchers after entry
• mail-in entries are only eligible for the final drawing.

   all that glitters      extra chances

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