As of Sunday, April 3rd  Bonus Bingo is now a part of the new Print ‘n Play family of games. Don’t worry though, Print ‘n Play Bonus Bingo still has the same instant play style you love, but you there are three other bingo games to try as well. Check out our brand new Print ‘n Play games here!

The best Bingo parlor in town, right in the palm of your hand! Just match the Caller's Numbers to your card's numbers to see if you won – but pay attention – 'cause this $2 FastPlay Bonus Bingo game has so many ways to win that we had to make a chart.

FastPlay Bonus Bingo offers many ways to win more than one prize on a ticket.  Players win $4 for each line (column, row or diagonal) they match, so they could win several $4 prizes on the same ticket. If they match all the numbers in the first (B) and last (O) rows, they have matched two lines and four corners to win $33.  These are just a few examples of the ways players could win on a FastPlay Bonus Bingo ticket.

Simply ask your Lottery retailer for a FastPlay Bonus Bingo ticket or press the FastPlay Games button on the Lottery Vending Machine – no playslip to fill out, no numbers to choose, no drawing to wait for.

Want to see a sample ticket of FastPlay Bonus Bingo?

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