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To keep or not to keep.....and why

I didn’t have to keep my Scratchers for the $250 Winter Bonus 2nd chance promotion. How come I have to keep my Scratchers for all other 2nd chance promotions?

We know that playing with us would be much more fun if you didn’t have to keep your Scratchers after entering a 2nd chance promotion. To address this, we are testing a new program with the $250 Winter Bonus promotion. With this pilot, players are not required to retain their tickets once they have been entered. Since the results from this pilot must be evaluated before any permanent changes are made, all other Scratcher 2nd chance promotions will be conducted using our normal 2nd chance guidelines.

With the exception of the $250 Winter Bonus promotion, players will need to keep their tickets to claim a prize. It’s a good idea to hold onto them for up to 90 days after the last drawing in the event they are selected as an alternate prizewinner.

This includes the current Redskins LIVE IT and 2 Ways 2 Win promotions.