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Everyone loves getting something extra, and the eXTRA Chances promotion offers you extra chances to win great prizes with every non-winning Scratcher you enter!

With the eXTRA Chances promotion, there's a new prize drawing - and new winners - every week, and what you can win is always changing! Check out what you can win on the prizes tab to see what prizes are available this week and for the weeks ahead. Now you can save up your non-winning Scratchers to enter for the prizes you really want to win!

Here's how the eXTRA Chances promotion works:

Online Entries

  • Take an eXTRA Chance and enter any non-winning Scratcher with the eXTRA Chances logo. The number of entries you receive when you enter online is equal to the price of the non-winning Scratcher you enter; so, a $1 non-winning Scratcher gives you one entry into a weekly drawing, and a $20 gives you 20 entries.
  • All online entries received are eligible only for the weekly drawing that corresponds to the entry period in which it was entered. In other words, entries don't carry over from week to week.
  • Once you enter your non-winning Scratchers online, you can toss them out.
  • Bonus instant wins for non-winning eXTRA Chances Scratchers ended Jan. 31, 2018. All non-winning Scratchers with the eXTRA Chances logo are now eligible only for weekly prize drawings; the number of entries you receive equal to the price of the non-winning Scratcher you enter.

Mail-in Entries

  • Mail each non-winning Scratcher you'd like to enter in a separate envelope to the address listed in the eXTRA Chances section on the back of the Scratcher you want to enter.
  • Each non-winning Scratcher entered via mail receives one entry into the weekly drawing corresponding to the entry period in which it was received.

For a complete list of Scratchers eligible for the eXTRA Chances promotion, visit our eXTRA Chances Scratcher page.

Odds of winning any prize in our eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received.