Free Ticket146,45429,853
Top Prize: 1 in 612,000     Any Prize: 1 in 4.31
Odds of winning are established when a game is printed. Number of winning tickets remaining will change as players win prizes. This page is updated daily. For more information on odds, click here.
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Top Prize: $50,000
Game DetailsHow To Play
Start Date:
This Bingo game takes it to another level. Featuring multipliers and a chance to win a Bonus 7s Bingo Print n’ Play ticket, you’re sure to shout BINGO!
1. Scratch the CALLER’S CARD area to reveal 25 Bingo numbers.

2. Gently scratch all numbers on Cards 1 through 4 that match the number revealed on the CALLERS CARD.

3. If you win on Cards 1 through 4, scratch the MULTIPLIER box and multiply your prize by the number revealed. If you reveal a 1X, prize remains the same. If you reveal a 2X,3X,5X or 10X, multiply your prize by that number.

TO WIN: Each card has a corresponding prize legend printed next to that card.